What is it about cars that get us all excited? Well, women say it's because we are all sort of dumb and haven't graduated from post-pubescent adolescence, but we know that isn't true. Cars are an extension of our territory. They are how we get to the cave bear to hunt him down and eat him. They are symbols of what was once, ten thousand years ago, the shiniest sharpest obsidian spear in the tribe. The more successful a hunter you are, the finer a car you will have to go hunting in. When you become really successful, then you can afford really fine cars that you don't even bother to take out hunting except in the company of other successful hunter's cars. These social events have replaced the old bonfire as a place for accomplished hunters to sit around and swap heroic tales of hunting mastodons, saber tooth tigers, and huge packs of ravenous wolves. This website chronicles some of the fun & adventure we were lucky enough to enjoy with the NSX Club of America



Japan’s Forgotten Supercar

Maintenance & Technical 

The Brake Upgrade Article 


Dallas OTB Dinner

Texas Motor Speedway Teaser

“Wash Day” Drag Race


Dallas Dyno Day

Texas World Speedway 1

NSteXpo 99.2

Austin Supercharger Install Party

NSX SuperSaturday

The “COBBLE” Brake Upgrade

The Bad Boys of Texas World Speedway

NsteXpo 2000

Back to Bondurant

Autocross Hawaiian Style

NSXPO 2000

Insane Engine Trick!

Texas Motor Speedway For Real!

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

Big Bend Open Highway Race

Driver's Edge TWS

My New F-50 :)

EDR's Install Party


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