Doug’s Insanely Cool Engine detailing trick


Ok, I too was a skeptic when Doug said that a detailer friend of his has a neat trick for detailing the engine compartment.



The ’91 Integra – BEFORE




And AFTER……yes, believe it our not, this is the same car!!!


Here’s how it works:


Start preferably in the morning when you engine is very very cold – you want to minimize evaporation.


Open up your engine compartment, and spray Gunk Engine Cleaner everywhere you possibly can. Try shooting it from different angles, standing in different places around the engine compartment.


Let that sit for 15-20 min.


Next, take a garden hose and gently rinse everything off (preferably with a sprinkler attachment) you do not want to use pressure here!


To lock-in the shinyness, use Armorall foaming tire cleaner.


Close the hood, drive the car or run the engine for 30 min or so to evaporate all the water, and when you open the hood, you will not believe your eyes!!!


To touch up large rubber or plastic parts, use some silicone tire spray, but be careful, remember not to overspray and hit your tint or paint... the silicone stuff eats it!!


… That’s it!!!  :)